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Release Notes 10.0

Update available for cloud systems as of April 17, 2023
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There are new minimum requirements for using OFFICE ASSET!
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The system runs with Java 17.
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Tomcat server 10.1 is installed.
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The Microsoft SQL server version is from 2017 or more recent.

Renaming some menu items for better user understanding.
Maintenance and selection of customer accounts improved. This is now also possible based on location.
Bug fixed: Cost centre areas cannot be deleted.
Bug fixed: Bug in the view of thecommercial data in the asset forms.
Bug fixed: Items cannot be added to new vouchers if they are already on a rejected voucher.

The API for Printer Details does not continue to display data for ignored devices.
The IP addresses on systems can now be maintained via the API.
In the user interface it is now easier to distinguish between the individual crawler types .
Correction of the type designations of some printers.
Column area-based added to the printer report.
The Crawler URL is now displayed.
Bug fixed: Crawlers no longer have marking PAM active.
Bug fixed: Crawler does not allow some special characters in proxy password.

For free text items, you can now jump directly into the shopping cart via the pop-up window when adding.
Optimisation of the requirement overview in the Self Service Portal.
Bug fixed: In the requirement process, no files can be uploaded anymore.
Bug fixed: In the Self Service Portal the termination form is not displayed correctly.
Bug fixed: The reloading of the request process page in the Self Service Portal results in a display error.

Changing the term rental certificate to leasing certificate throughout the module.

For operators, there is now a map showing all the locations of the assigned tickets.
For operators, the best route to complete the assigned tickets can now be created automatically.
In the correspondence tab, attachments can now also be displayed and opened.
In case of a service change, the new corresponding SLA are now also taken over.
You can now also jump directly to the tickets from the read-only asset form.
The description of the mass change of tickets is now included in the history .
Text adjustments in email history.

Bug fixed: E-mails can not be sent because no person is stored.
Bug fixed: Error messages without translation.
Bug fixed: Email template creation via Quick creation not possible.
Bug fixed: Hardware termination form can not be opened if an asset with multiple leasing agreements exists on a system.

The user can now set whether the app starts with the ticket view or the asset view. By default, the app opens in the ticket view. However, if the corresponding licence is not available, the asset view is automatically opened.
The target date can be set in the app and shown in the ticket list. Sorting by target date is now also possible.
Improvement of the ticket list view. The sorting has been simplified and expanded. The position before jumping into a ticket is now maintained when returning to the ticket list.
Bug fixed: PAM status messages are missing in the APP.

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