Release Notes 9.1

Update available for cloud systems as of January 24, 2022
Symbol: innovations
Symbol: improvement
Symbol: bugfixes

The new API endpoint allows people to be reactivated after deletion.
The Country specification field allows you to specify the country or language on the material.
Operating instructions have been added to Asset Management.
Changes to material, serial number and inventory number are now recorded in the History.
Bug fixed: Outgoing supplier interface partially cannot be deleted.
Bug fixed: Material is not deleted under certain circumstances.
Bug fixed: Changed shipping addresses are not saved correctly for some orders.
Bug fixed: Problem with asset entry üvia a delivery bill.

New API endpoints for PAM printers to be able to maintain the inventory of consumables stores.
New API endpoint to be able to ignore, enable or approve new printers.
As of version 13, the crawler is also available as a Docker , both on the website and here.
Improvement of the error messages of the crawler.
Bug fixed: Subsequently added e-mail addresses under Master data >Organization > Clients >PAM escalations are not saved.
Bug fixed: Report material & replacement material runs in timeout.
PAM master data (e.g. alarm groups) can only be created if the client is a PAM client.

In the Self Service Portal there is a direct link to online help.
Bug fixed: Display error for assets that were created but not ordered.
Bug fixed: No price can be found for rule exchange projects when requirements are created for preview.
Bug fixed:Numbers are not formatted correctly according to country.

Check on change of alarm setting if email should be resent.
If a rental voucher is created from a framework contract, the data from the contract is transferred to the rental voucher.
Bug fixed: Alarm is also triggered for already terminated rental vouchers.
Bug fixed: Leasingassets are not terminated correctly.

Service emails can now, despite the same service team, be divided per customer and adapted accordingly in text and design.

The license matching is now done with a timestamp.
The demo client has been extended with various data.

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