Release Notes 9.12

Update available for cloud systems as of November 14, 2022



Symbol: Innovations
Symbol: Improvements
Symbol: Bugfixes

For assets and systems, the filter result of the reports, when the mass change is selected, is applied.
Rename the asset type mobile to mobile devices.
The internal ID for orders is now visible.
Bug fixed: Error message when posting delivery note, if an invoice for the corresponding order has already been created and posted before.

PAM can now detect start toners and tags these in the corresponding reports.
Crawler now also transmit their engine. This shows which crawler type has supplied the data.
The automatic network detection of the crawler has been improved.
Improvement of the display of the SNMP test.
Bug fixed: Diagram template color printer does not work anymore.
Bug fixed: Misleading activity indicator of the crawler.

When editing requirements in the Self Service Portal, the requirement number is now also displayed.
The date fields can now be filled using calendar selection .
Requirements now display the entire approval workflow and the current status.
Within the article option groups the option values can now be sorted as desired.
Improvement of selection elements in the Self Service Portal.
In the Self Service Portal, the catalog products can now also be sorted and products can be defined as favorites .
Reports can now also be exported from the Self Service Portal.
When editing requests in the Self Service Portal, the request number is now also displayed.

At Reply all now the own address is removed from the recipient list .

The current price is now always used when creating billing rates.
For billings the start date now will be set automatically.

Underlying libraries have been updated.
Expired API tokens will be deleted in the future.
For articles and the service module you can now add email attachments.
The PDF with all demo logins can now be downloaded from the system.

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