Release Notes 9.12

Update available for cloud systems as of November 14, 2022



Symbol: Innovations
Symbol: Improvements
Symbol: Bugfixes

For assets and sys­tems, the fil­ter result of the reports, when the mass chan­ge is sel­ec­ted, is applied.
Rena­me the asset type mobi­le to mobi­le devices.
The inter­nal ID for orders is now visible.
Bug fixed: Error mes­sa­ge when pos­ting deli­very note, if an invoice for the cor­re­spon­ding order has alre­a­dy been crea­ted and pos­ted before.

PAM can now detect start toners and tags the­se in the cor­re­spon­ding reports.
Craw­ler now also trans­mit their engi­ne. This shows which craw­ler type has sup­pli­ed the data.
The auto­ma­tic net­work detec­tion of the craw­ler has been improved.
Impro­ve­ment of the dis­play of the SNMP test.
Bug fixed: Dia­gram tem­p­la­te color prin­ter does not work anymore.
Bug fixed: Mis­lea­ding acti­vi­ty indi­ca­tor of the craw­ler.

When editing requi­re­ments in the Self Ser­vice Por­tal, the requi­re­ment num­ber is now also displayed.
The date fields can now be fil­led using calen­dar sel­ec­tion .
Requi­re­ments now dis­play the enti­re appr­oval work­flow and the cur­rent sta­tus.
Within the artic­le opti­on groups the opti­on values can now be sor­ted as desi­red.
Impro­ve­ment of sel­ec­tion ele­ments in the Self Ser­vice Portal.
In the Self Ser­vice Por­tal, the cata­log pro­ducts can now also be sor­ted and pro­ducts can be defi­ned as favo­ri­tes .
Reports can now also be expor­ted from the Self Ser­vice Portal.
When editing requests in the Self Ser­vice Por­tal, the request num­ber is now also dis­play­ed.

At Rep­ly all now the own address is remo­ved from the reci­pi­ent list .

The cur­rent pri­ce is now always used when crea­ting bil­ling rates.
For bil­lings the start date now will be set automatically. 

Under­ly­ing libra­ri­es have been updated.
Expi­red API tokens will be dele­ted in the future.
For artic­les and the ser­vice modu­le you can now add email attach­ments.
The PDF with all demo log­ins can now be down­loa­ded from the system. 

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