Release Notes 9.15

Update available for cloud systems as of February 13, 2023



Symbol: Innovations
Symbol: Improvements
Symbol: Bugfixes

Pick-up requests can now also be created and managed via API endpoints.
From the Asset form it is now possible to jump to the System form.
When deleting assets, an explanation can now be filled in. In the case of automatic delete operations, the explanation is automatically filled in.
Bug fixed: Tooltip for system identification is no longer correct.
Bug fixed: Incoming supplier interface also shows inactive partners.

Crawl-E now searches for installed printers as well as printers on the network.
The process of the Crawl-E has been optimised for the needs in the private environment.

Optimisation of the representation of the system name in the Self Service Portal.
New statuscompleted for rule exchange projects.
The Self Service Portal now allows sharing links. After logging in, you can go directly to the desired location if you have the appropriate permissions.
The link to the requirement is now stored in the e-mail template.
Standardisation of the request reports in the Self Service Portal.
Improvement of the display of the confirmation message when approving requirements.
Version check in the Self Service Portal. If necessary, the page is reloaded to fix problems with the browser cache.
Bug fixed: Error at completion of stock filling.
Bug fixed: Detailed demand viewin the Self Service Portal no longer shows additional items.
Bug fixed: Error when creating a status change ticket.
Bug fixed: Messages from the Self Service Portal are displayed incorrectly.

Only contract types that are included in the licensed modules are now displayed. For example, no MPS contracts are displayed if the PAM module is not included in the licence.
When capturing rent vouchers it is now possible to filter by cost centre and business area.
In the Alarm settings there is now a language selection for additional recipients.

When selecting a person in the helpdesk, the department is now also displayed.
Bug fixed: Error with bulk change.

From now on, only data of licensed modules can be managed in the Helpdesk.
For one-time charge rates, no start and end date is now maintained.

The File manager enables the &Uml;overview of all uploads as a new report.
Bug fixed: E-mail Handler configuration incomprehensible.

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