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Core Update 9.0

Core Update Release December 2020 - January 2021

With the upcoming Core Update, improvements and bug fixes will be made, but also a few novelties will be added:

  • Extension password conventions
  • Sorting function for favorite widgets on the dashboard
  • Design changes in the menu barDesign-Ände­run­gen in der Menüleiste

You will receive more information and the exact date of the Core Update in the next newsletter. Novelties and improvements may only be used if they are part of a corresponding license agreement with the respective software provider.

Erwei­te­rung Pass­wort Konventionen

Administrators can define password conventions that, in addition to the existing validity periods of the password groups, allow the complexity of a password to be determined. This includes e.g.

  • length or number of characters
  • the use of upper and lower case letters
  • digits
  • special characters
  • check for the x last used passwords

The user is reminded of these conventions when setting a new password. The entered password is checked against the set convention. If a new convention invalidates existing passwords, login is still allowed, but the user is prompted to change their password according to the convention. In addition, a password can be randomly created with the new conditions (reset password, etc.).

Sorting function for favorite widgets on the dashboard
With the new sorting function, the positioning of two favorite widgets can be swapped with each other.
Click and hold the widget you want to move. Drag the mouse to the position where you want to place the selected widget. Release the widget.
The two widgets have swapped positions.
To delete a widget from the Favorites bar, right-click the widget and confirm in the pop-up window: Remove Favorite.
The favorites move up to the vacated spot.
To add a new favorite, drag'n'drop the desired menu item into the favorites bar.

The previous menu bar. Since two reports can be displayed one below the other with the update, space must be created and the affiliation of the action buttons must be made clear. For the personal configuration, two variants are offered, which can be switched between at any time.
First variant: The menu bar is still folded out, only the variants, Load/Update and Export have been repositioned.
The Load/Update and Export actions are now available as quick selection buttons.
Settings to the columns of the report can be configured using the button on the right of each report.
The variants can be changed via the main menu > Settings.
Deactivate the "Display action bars as menu" checkbox for variant 2. After each change, the open tab must be reopened.
Second variant: The menu bar is only displayed as a dropdown menu with the respective column titles.
With a click, all actions that are also available in the first variant can be expanded.
First variant: The menu bar is displayed as usual.
Second variant: Save, Save and Exit, Delete and Reset are only displayed as buttons. The menu bar is available as a drop-down menu.

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