Release Notes 8.11

Update available for cloud systems as of November 22, 2021



Symbol: innovations
Symbol: improvement
Symbol: bugfixes

With the help of triggers the asset status can be changed automatically. The triggers, which are predefined by OFFICE ASSET, can be triggered by tickets, for example.
Die Massenänderung von System und Asset wurde um löschen erweitert.
The warehouse form and the warehouse report have been extended by the ID field ergänzt.
If an order receives the status "ordered", the order date is automatically filled in. This field can still be configured manually.

The contact data in the crawler have been adjusted.

A need can also be covered by the stock. This function must be enabled for each client individually.
The technology of the eShop/Self Service portal has been improvedfor responsive web design and design customizations.
In the approval form, the recipient is now also displayed in addition to the creator of the requirement.
Error fixed: A software item cannot be requisitioned in the eShop.

The resubmission and alert messages have been expanded and improved so that, among other things, owners üare informed about the expiry of their own leasing assets.
A lease assignment can now also be made without a system location. If no location is selected, the default location of the data set is used.

The Reply functionality of the Correspondence tab has been enhanced so that the recipients can be changed in the To, CC and BCC fields.

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