Release Notes 8.6

Update available for cloud systems as of June 28, 2021




Improvements to various views as part of modularization.
Extension of email subscriptions: the set filter for the subscription is displayed as well, furthermore there is now the possibility to switch to the report unfiltered.
Fixed an error in asset capture.
Improved error message when deleting a person who is synchronized through the LDAP.

Bug fixed: Texts and labels were partially cut off in the view and were therefore harder to read.

Extension of the rule exchange report by the order number.
Improved error message on deletion of assigned items.

The leasing conditions in the framework agreement have been simplified so that the country and the device type can be entered non-specifically.
The client name was added as email parameter.

Error fixed: The Recurring ticket description is not taken from the Recurring.

Improvement of display of an erroneous/unfilled field in the Indigo theme.
Extension of the demo client.
The modularization of OFFICE ASSET has been improved.
The license for OFFICE ASSET can now be retrieved online via the license manager.
Columns and fields are hidden if they are not important for the licensed modules or cannot be used.
Bug fixed: type and description of uploads were swapped in the archive form.
Fixed bug when deleting licenses.

New PAM asset view: Fill levels, page numbers, etc. can be read out in the app.
Error message improved when opening a ticket with missing service user relationship to the customer.

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