Release Notes 8.8

Update available for cloud systems as of August 30, 2021



Symbol: Neuheiten
Symbol: Verbesserungen
Symbol: Bugfix

Cost center areas can now also be assigned in subclients.
Maintenance flags can only be adjusted in the assets of the subclients if the PARTNER module is licensed.
The material at the asset can now be set üover a Rest-API.

The Client and PAM Client menu items have been combined for easier operation. Now clients can be created as usual under Master data; Organization and then converted into PAM clients. Detailed instructions are available in our online help.
The History now additionally lists deleted/ignored printers.
Requests will automatically become the order, with the appropriate setting, even if the specified email address is incorrect and thus can not be delivered.
In the PAM printer - ignore en masse mask, the crawler associated with the asset is now displayed.
The description of the PAM mail legend has been improved.

The Fair Market Value (FMV) can be deposited on a leased item and taken into account in the event of early takeover.
Bug fixed: Subassets on rental voucher not bookable.

Error fixed: The Correspondence tab caused errors with various contents.

Forms and reports have been adapted for the new, module-licensed use. Some fields are therefore no longer displayed if a module is not licensed. This affects, among other things, the articles and the eShop, so that only licensed options are available. More information in the online help.

Multiple files, such as photos, can be uploaded via the terminal and stored on a ticket.
Compatibility with newest Android version ensured.

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