Release Notes 8.9

Update available for cloud systems as of September 20, 2021



Symbol: Neuheiten
Symbol: Verbesserungen
Symbol: Bugfix

A status change can now also be carried out via the asset mass change .
The Asset Rest-API Endpoint now also provides the asset status.
Corrected an issue: Tenant form incorrectly displays unsaved changes .
Bug fixed: Sub-divisions cannot be assigned at once.

There is a new billing interval & quot; quarterly for the MPS framework agreements. Billing can also start in a current quarter.
A printer exchange is now also carried out for an MPS rental slip if the exchanged printer was on a rental slip. This setting for Automatic printer transfers must be activated on the client.
The affected alarm group is now also displayed in the alarm report. How to set up alarm groups, read here .
Bug fixed: Ignored printers can only be viewed, but no longer edited.

New report: Leasing assets without rental ticket assignment , including the date of creation and the status of the entry.
If an asset is recorded, a rental slip can automatically be created for the asset . The user will be informed about the new rental slip.
The article can now be set so that its resulting leasing price is displayed in the eShop .
Corrected an error: A new leasing rental slip could not be completed.

The modularization has been optimized.
The parameter extID is now available for the mail templates and can e.g. be used in the subject.

Performance - and translation optimization.
The password can no longer be viewed, but is replaced if necessary using the & quot; Forgot password & quot; function. Resetting the password is no longer available.
The Notice Popup now adapts to the text length of the message so that it can be closed.
In the Indigo theme , the readOnly fields and buttons are now grayed out more clearly or marked as unavailable.
Bug fixed: The number of maximum reports in the dashboard could not be set.
Bug fixed: The limit for the allowed lines for the e-mail subscriptions is now 1000 lines.

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