Release Notes 9.10

Update available for cloud systems as of September 12, 2022



Symbol: Innovations
Symbol: Improvements
Symbol: Bugfixes

Via the API, assets can now be created with the capture status.
Bug fixed: When deleting the cost centre or business area of a person, their location is removed.

Logging for Crawler improved.
Bug fixed: Problems with character length resolved.

An item can now also be assigned directly to a catalogue group via the product form.
If a request for termination of an asset has been created, the relevant asset is now also displayed directly in the request .
Requests can be cancelled by e-mail.
The menu bar was revised.
Bug fixed: Creation of requestsnot possible with regular exchange projects.
Bug fixed: Bug in storage filling.

Mass changes of tickets are now possible.
Via an email handler rule, new tickets can be assigned directly to a specific team.
Subordinate tickets inherit the settings of the main ticket.
Bug fixed: Display error when printing the ticket as PDF.

Via the API only the number of records can now be queried.
Diagrams can now be saved as templates.
The mailhandler authentication has been adapted and is now also possible with OAuth2.
Further filter options are provided via the API .
Bug fixed:Unlocking a user via LDAP does not work.

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