Release Notes 9.13

Update available for cloud systems as of December 05, 2022



Symbol: Innovations
Symbol: Improvements
Symbol: Bugfixes

The external ID at cost centers is now visible and editable.
OpenTrans invoices can now be processed without order reference.
Bug fixed: Error message when selecting incoming supplier interfaces.

The printer type will be checked again in the crawl result if a manually created printer was identified.
PAM assets can now also be managed via the lease agreements. The commercial data tab is also adopted for the ignored printers.
Bug fixed: Error when creating a new crawler.

For PowerShell scripts, custom attributes can now be applied to articles.
The comments of the approver are now stored in the history and can be displayed if required.
Since canceling or rejecting a request in team emails is not possible via the links, there is now a corresponding hint text.
Bug fixed: Duplicate orders column in rules exchange project.
Bug fixed: Configuration parameters are used incorrectly.
Bug fixed: Required price is not displayed in Self Service Portal after approval.

Adjustment of automatic check of expiration date of contracts.

When a new person record is created as a contact for a new ticket, its email address is now pre-filled with the creator's sender address.
Bug fixed: Error in Helpdesk when Reply to all with removed cc.

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