Release Notes 9.5

Update available for cloud systems as of May 09, 2022


Symbol: Innovations
Symbol: Improvements
Symbol: Bugfixes

Customer accounts to suppliers can now be edited, created or deleted using API .
Introduction of new trigger points for automatic setting of asset status.

Commercial data were supplemented in the printer form .
Improve the feedback when Crawl or Scan is triggered via the interface or backend.

The Order API now also outputs requirement information.

At the end of a rent the removal service can now also be requested as ticket .
The API supplement can be used to query and supplement information from leasing contracts, rental certificates and leasing assets.

The destination address of a ticket can now be edited via the API .
The approval mail can be sent again manually.
Deleted assets can no longer be assigned to tickets .

The menu structure has been changed. The partner menu is now available centrally in the menu tree.

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