Release Notes 9.7

Update available for cloud systems as of June 20, 2022



Symbol: Innovations
Symbol: Improvements
Symbol: Bugfixes

Materials can now be typed according to your own ideas. The categories can then be output, for example, in MPS statements.
Asset data for Scripts can now be passed for all articles.
Extension of reports for warehouse assets.
If the execution of a script fails, it can be restarted manually after the error has been corrected.
Requirement reports now also show whether a different delivery address has been specified.
Optimisation of the form for crawler data.
So-called sub-locations have been removed. However, there is the possibility to define higher-level sites.
Bug fixed: Script execution fails on certain special characters.

For MPS statements it is now selectable which fields should be displayed in the statement exports.
The CrawlE works around the clock by default.

Endusers can create tickets via the Self Service Portal.
Improvement of the navigation to the shopping cart.
Optimisation of the needs view in the rent costs.
Bug fixed: The different delivery address in the Self Service Portal sometimes shows wrong values.

Different costs of assets and rental vouchers can also be accepted directly in the report .
The leasing term is now drawn from the requirement item.

The action list of tickets can now also be used as a parameter in emails.
Via the API it is possible to provide the corresponding assets when creating tickets, whereby the team selection can be automated.
The Ticket view in the Self Service Portal has been extended.
Both the creator and the contact can accept or reject tickets .
Bug fixed: The service types under Services are displayed although the Controlling module is not licensed.
Bug fixed: Automatic deletion of assets during service device replacement does not work.
Bug fixed: Print ticket does not work.
Bug fixed: Client sees internal notes.

Fehler behoben: Verrechnungssätze wurden für falsches Datum erstellt.

Error fixed with client import without partner licence.

Bug fixed: Configurable upload specifications are partly displayed twice.

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