Release Notes 9.9

Update available for cloud systems as of August 22, 2022



Symbol: innovations
Symbol: improvement
Symbol: bugfixes

Other fields such as cost centers, location, business area, etc. can be filled via LDAP.
Materials can be created from PAM template.
Articles can be deactivated.
Added report for client change history of partner assets.
In the interface documents, the file type column can be sorted and filtered.
Fixed an error when importing a rental voucher with a non-matching contract country.
Fixed an error when editing a client via API.

New evaluation option: The average coverage per printer or supply.
The report Material consumption has been extended by Page power .
In the crawler, intermediate certificates can be provided for SSL proxy servers.
The connection check from the crawler has been improved.
Fixed bug: crawlers are not deleted.
Bug fixed: Crawler does not allow changes to proxy settings.

New, single articles can now be created simultaneously in several or all subclients.
The appearance of the Self Service Portal (SSP/eShop) can be client-specific adapted.
The Shopping Cart button displays the number of items currently in it.
If a requirement is cancelled, the requester receives an e-mail.
A software cancellation creates a demand that is closed directly, so the cancellation is noted in the history.
A order number can now be specified in the requirement.
Free text articles (names) can still be viewed in the History after they have been exchanged in the Self Service Portal.
If required, documents can be uploaded.
Customization of email subject line approved/rejected if needed.
Requirements can be grouped by supplier.
Bug fixed: wrong message in Self Service Portal (SSP/eShop).

For the alarm settings, optional additional information and the basic settings can now be customized.
The lease ticket status can only change between active and open as long as the lease ticket has not been terminated.

Location changes can now also be carried out for systems.

Fixed a bug with two-factor authentication.

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