Release Notes 9.9

Update available for cloud systems as of August 22, 2022



Symbol: innovations
Symbol: improvement
Symbol: bugfixes

Other fields such as cost cen­ters, loca­ti­on, busi­ness area, etc. can be fil­led via LDAP.
Mate­ri­als can be crea­ted from PAM tem­p­la­te.
Artic­les can be deac­ti­va­ted.
Added report for cli­ent chan­ge histo­ry of part­ner assets.
In the inter­face docu­ments, the file type column can be sor­ted and filtered.
Fixed an error when import­ing a ren­tal vou­ch­er with a non-matching con­tract country.
Fixed an error when editing a cli­ent via API.

New eva­lua­ti­on opti­on: The avera­ge covera­ge per prin­ter or supply.
The report Mate­ri­al con­sump­ti­on has been exten­ded by Page power .
In the craw­ler, inter­me­dia­te cer­ti­fi­ca­tes can be pro­vi­ded for SSL pro­xy servers.
The con­nec­tion check from the craw­ler has been improved.
Fixed bug: craw­lers are not deleted.
Bug fixed: Craw­ler does not allow chan­ges to pro­xy set­tings.

New, sin­gle artic­les can now be crea­ted simul­ta­neous­ly in seve­ral or all sub­cli­ents.
The appearance of the Self Ser­vice Por­tal (SSP/eShop) can be cli­ent-spe­ci­fic adapt­ed.
The Shop­ping Cart but­ton dis­plays the num­ber of items curr­ent­ly in it.
If a requi­re­ment is can­cel­led, the reques­ter recei­ves an e-mail.
A soft­ware can­cel­la­ti­on crea­tes a demand that is clo­sed direct­ly, so the can­cel­la­ti­on is noted in the history.
A order num­ber can now be spe­ci­fied in the requirement.
Free text artic­les (names) can still be view­ed in the Histo­ry after they have been exch­an­ged in the Self Ser­vice Portal.
If requi­red, docu­ments can be uploaded.
Cus­to­miza­ti­on of email sub­ject line approved/rejected if needed.
Requi­re­ments can be grou­ped by sup­pli­er.
Bug fixed: wrong mes­sa­ge in Self Ser­vice Por­tal (SSP/eShop).

For the alarm set­tings, optio­nal addi­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on and the basic set­tings can now be customized.
The lea­se ticket sta­tus can only chan­ge bet­ween acti­ve and open as long as the lea­se ticket has not been terminated.

Loca­ti­on chan­ges can now also be car­ri­ed out for systems.

Fixed a bug with two-fac­tor authen­ti­ca­ti­on.

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